Should I Start An Online Business? | Online Business

Why is it that you’re always hearing stories about people from all walks of life, professions and ages who have achieved online business success? Hardly a day goes by when you don’t see some article, post or advertisement on the internet about somebody who went from a complete online newbie to earning a new income on the internet. So, if you’re wondering if you should start an online business, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself first.Do You Want A Side Business With Little Start Up Cost?One of the key advantages of starting an online business is the low set up cost. You may want to have it as a side business to supplement your income. An online business has no real estate, inventory or employees expenses. All you need is a computer and access to the internet.Do You Want To Reach A Large Customer Base?There are over 3 billion people who have access to the internet so just about the entire planet can provide potential sales. A traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ business can only grow as large as its surrounding areas. If that business is focused to selling a micro niche product it may not survive. But, a web-based business selling the same thing can sustain itself very easily.You Don’t Want To Produce Your Own ProductsProvided that you know what market you want to sell into, it’s very likely that other people have already developed products and services for that market. You can sell those products with an online affiliate marketer. This means that you can sell a product on behalf of a product owner and they will pay you a commission for every sale you make. This is how many internet entrepreneurs get started.Do You Want Flexibility?A online business can be run just about anywhere, provided that you have a computer and access to the internet. You can work on it full time or in your spare time. The internet is always working so revenue can keep coming in at any time of the day or night, even when the you’re asleep or on holiday.Do You Want To Be At The Start of Something Big?The internet is still really in its infancy. There are many places around the world that have yet to set up a large online presence for their population. There are going to be many more years of growth for the savvy online business owner.

How to Ace Law School Exams: 3 Tips for Law Students

Taking a law exam can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! The following tips will help you ace your law school exams.1. Practice Spotting Legal Issues. There are generally four parts to a law exam: issue, rule, analysis/application, and conclusion (IRAC). Learning to spot legal issues is probably the most important thing you can do. After all, if you don’t know the issues, you won’t be able to write the rules, the analysis, or the conclusion!How do you learn to spot legal issues? You know those bizarre fact patterns (hypos) that you read in law school? Well, reading those over and over again will help you spot legal issues! In fact, the more hypos you read, the better you’ll become at spotting legal issues, and when you only have an hour or less to write an essay, you have to be able to spot the issues fast!Remember, you’ll earn points for every issue that you spot. To practice spotting legal issues, read fact patterns (hypos) and guess the potential issues. Do this repeatedly until you’re able to spot issues quickly.2. Memorize the Rules. You’ve spotted the issues, now you need to state the rules/black letter law. You only have an hour or less to write each essay, so there’s no time to waste. Like issue spotting, you’ll earn points for stating the rules, so you want to state as many rules as possible. This is where memorizing the rules comes in!To ace your law school exams, you have to state the rules fast, and in order to do that, you absolutely need to have the rules memorized! Study the rules consistently throughout the semester and start memorizing the rules about two weeks before your exam.3. Take Practice Exams. You spotted the issues and stated the rules, now you need to write a legal analysis and conclusion. The conclusion will be a piece of cake, but the analysis is a little more complicated. The legal analysis is the why section of your essay, in other words, why will D (the defendant) be held liable for assault?The best way to learn how to write a good analysis is to take practice exams. Taking practice exams will not only help you write a good essay, but will give you an idea of the type of questions you might encounter on your law school exam. Check your law library for past exams.